How to Know if You Need Alcohol Detox

how to know if you need alcohol detox

What’s the difference between drinking while having a good time and being addicted to alcohol? Many don’t know the answer. There is often a delicate line that separates healthy drinking and unhealthy drinking. You may be an alcoholic and not even realize it. If you’re wondering if you need an alcohol detox treatment, then consider some of these signs that you’re abusing alcohol.

You Drink. A Lot.

It doesn’t matter what is going on. If there is a social event, then you’re going to be there drinking. Even if alcohol isn’t served at the event, you bring your own to the event. In fact, it’s almost like you can’t go anywhere without bringing alcohol with you and drinking it.

Even at home when nothing is going on, you work through a series of bottles and cans. While having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer a day isn’t much to worry over, if you’re drinking through an entire bottle of wine or finishing an entire case of beer, then you might have a problem. Alcohol detox is necessary to keep you from poisoning yourself.

You’d Rather Drink Than Do Anything Else

Perhaps you’ve been invited for a weekend of camping. Your friends are going to be there and it’s going to be a great time. However, when you learn that no one is bringing alcohol, and you’re not allowed to bring alcohol either, you decide not to go. You’d rather be at home on your own drinking.

While choosing to have a weekend in isn’t necessarily a sign that you need to detox, choosing to drink instead of engaging socially is. You’re essentially choosing your alcohol over your friends. The fact that you’re unable to set aside your alcohol for even a weekend is a sign that you’re addicted.

It’s Interfering With Work

If you start showing up to work drunk, then you’re going to have a few problems. Employers might forgive the offense once, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, then you’ll likely find yourself out of a job. Perhaps you’ve taken to hiding it. Maybe you even keep some alcohol at work. These are all signs of addiction.

Being drunk at work can also endanger your coworkers if you work a job that requires using heavy machinery. For customer interactions, the scent of alcohol on your breath can turn them away from the store completely. Unemployment is almost guaranteed if you struggle with alcohol.

You Need More Alcohol to Feel  its Effects

A sign that you’re starting to build up a tolerance is if you have to drink more in order to get drunk or feel inebriated. This means that the alcohol has had some drastic changes to your brain and likely your liver as well.

As with all addictions, the more that you use the substance in question, the higher the tolerance will be. Instead of only needing a few beers, you now need to finish the entire case in order to feel its effects. The more that you use, the worse off your health will be.

You’re Showing Signs of Liver Problems

A sure sign that you need to start an alcohol detox treatment immediately is if you start to have problems with your liver. Drinking too much can cause serious damage to your liver. Since your liver is responsible for shifting through toxins that you consume, it’s important that it functions correctly. Without a functional liver, your body can be subject to lethal infections. Liver failure can result in death. Alcohol detox can help purge your body of the toxins that alcohol provides.

If you start to notice blood in your urine, if your skin or eyes are turning yellow or you have any other serious health concerns, you should seek treatment immediately. Your liver cannot get better without help.

Seeking Out Help

There will come a time when you will have to decide if your health is most important. Attending an alcohol detox facility can help you break the wheel of addiction and get control of your life once more. If you need alcohol detox, we strongly suggest you visit a place such as Detox of South Florida.


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