What Are the Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss?

consequences untreated hearing loss

People can be aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are sometimes reluctant to seek help. Perhaps they don’t want to acknowledge the problem, are embarrassed by what they see as a weakness or believe that they can “get by.” Unfortunately, too many people wait years — even decades — before getting treatment.

Hearing loss is not just an ailment that comes with old age. It can strike at any time. For the very young, even a mild or moderate hearing loss can result in difficulties learning, developing speech and building the important interpersonal skills needed to foster self-esteem and success in school and life.

There are far-reaching implications regarding the negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects of untreated hearing loss. Studies have linked untreated hearing loss to irritability, negativism and anger; fatigue, tension, stress and depression; avoidance of or withdrawal from social situations; reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety; impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks; reduced job performance and earning power; and diminished psychological and overall health.

Take care of yourself, and your family and friends, by getting a routine hearing evaluation.

About the author

Mavis W. Garrett, Au.D, CCC-A

Dr. Mavis W. Garrett received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Virginia in 1980 and her Masters in Education from UVA in 1982. She began her career in Tidewater at an ear, nose and throat specialist’s office in Norfolk upon graduation. While there, she became a faculty member of Eastern Virginia Medical School and served as an instructor for the medical school. In 1984, she moved to the Peninsula and began a long affiliation with a local hospital and later with Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. In 2003, she was awarded a Doctorate in Audiology from AT Still University. In 2008 she joined Maico as a clinical provider and in 2012 became owner.

Dr. Garrett is a member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology. She is a fellow with the American Academy of Audiology and holds licenses in both Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Garrett avidly seeks continuing education and stays in tune with the latest developments in technology and rehabilitative services for the hearing impaired of all ages.

When not busy helping improve the lives of those with hearing impairments she is busy with her 2 dogs, 2 granddogs and cat. She enjoys quilting and needle arts.

With over 30 years experience in the field of Audiology and hearing aid dispensing, we feel confident you will be pleased with Dr. Garrett’s diagnostic and rehabilitative services.