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To better serve our rapidly growing online audience, the Health Journal is partnering with health care organizations interested in sharing their expertise and educating our online community. Shared Content is an effective way to quantify your provider’s expertise and boost your websites SEO performance with quality backlinks from our platform.

We are recruiting qualified physicians and health care professionals from all specialties to contribute to our online expert knowledge base with educational content. 

Authoritative medical pieces will become Knowledge Base Hubs used to build a comprehensive health library within our site. Consumer health content on our site will link back to the Knowledge Base Hubs through relevant keywords, providing our readers the opportunity to deepen their understanding of health topics — increasing the readership of your knowledge base piece.

Participating health professionals will be credited in the form of a byline, short biography and back links to the sites of their choice. Additionally, we will share the content on our social media channels. View our list of suggested topics.

General Format is as Follows:


  1. A brief description of the topic
  2. Signs and symptoms
  3. When to seek professional help 
  4. Causes
  5. Risk factors
  6. Diagnosis and treatment
  7. Prevention

Procedures and Technology

  1. A brief description of the topic
  2. Purpose
  3. Are you a candidate
  4. How to prepare
  5. Risk factors
  6. Before and after procedure


Health professionals must have an advanced degree from an accredited university and hold board certification in their field of practice. Expert contributors can only write on topics within their specialty. Contributions may be edited as necessary for style and grammar.

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