8 Health Problems that CBD Can Fix for Women Over 40

Written by Kelsi Burley

Women over 40 tend to experience a range of health problems that are mainly caused by hormonal imbalances. The body starts producing lower amounts of estrogen and other essential female hormones. For the most part, women suffer through these challenges all through their 40s and 50s, but there is a simple natural solution to get your hormones balanced and your body working perfectly: CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. It has a wide range of healing properties, including to prevent or manage common health problems for women over 40. Here are 8 conditions that can be easily treated with CBD.

Low libido

Low sex drive is common among women of a certain age. This is attributed to a sharp drop in estrogen levels due to shrinking ovaries. When this happens, arousal becomes less common and a woman is less sensitive to touch, which reduces intimacy between a couple. One way to increase sexual desire is to increase the amount of serotonin —the “feel good” hormone that reduces anxiety, improves mood and boosts sexual desire — released in the brain. CBD helps stimulate the release of serotonin. 


Some types of migraines are caused by extreme hormonal dysfunction and especially by estrogen fluctuations. Women experience these migraines to varying degrees, but in general they are painful and can be debilitating. Migraines caused by hormonal imbalances usually stop once menopause is complete and estrogen levels stay down, but CBD can be used to relieve pain and reduce some of that fluctuation. When combined with other drugs, CBD can be used effectively to treat severe migraines and other side effects of menopause.

Menstrual cramps

This is an interesting side effect of menopause and that causes pain and inflammation, both of which are easy to treat with CBD. Just one treatment can ease pain and discomfort for over 20 hours, which is something you don’t get with over-the-counter medications. In addition to pain relief, CBD also helps you relax by reducing anxiety and inducing rest.

Joint pain

Research shows that CBD works to ease both short term and long-term pain. One of these studies — published in the European Journal of Medicine in 2016 — showcased how transdermal CBD penetrates the tissues to relive pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints. Joint pain is common in mature women and seniors, but studies show that it can be used to ease pain without any side effects.


Sleeping disorders are a common side effect of emotional and hormonal problems. When the problem exceeds normal sleep disruption and becomes insomnia, it has the potential to destroy your health in many ways. Most sleeping medication tends to be addictive and causes unpleasant side effects such as headaches, dizziness, stomach pain and constipation. When used daily, CBD lowers anxiety and relaxes both mind and body, which improves the quality of sleep. It also works on brain receptors responsible for regulating sleep, along with enhancing coordination between glands that release sleep hormones and parts of the brain that regulate the function.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness comes as a shock to many women but it’s actually quite common. Once estrogen levels reach a certain low, vaginal tissue produces less lubrication, and this reduces elasticity and may even lead to pain. Lubricants are marketed as a practical solution, but a lot of women find the chemical, synthetic smell unpleasant when applied to the most intimate parts. CBD oil, on the other hand, comes in pleasant scents, works to boost natural lubrication and feels good. For vaginal dryness, CBD oil is combined with other natural oils to give relief and to reduce dryness in the long term.


Estrogen is one of the hormones that plays a role in developing and maintaining strong bones, so after menopause, women are likely to have weaker bones or develop osteoporosis. Muscle loss is also another process that comes about as a result of reduced estrogen levels, and a lot of women have come to expect this as normal part of the aging process. However, much of this bone degradation and muscle loss — along with fewer chances of breaks, bruises and fractures — can be slowed down with CBD.

Mood irregularities

Apart from migraines and hot flashes, mood irregularities are common after menopause. This is attributed to a drop in estrogen. Treatment usually involves prescription antidepressants, which can work in the short term but come with their own side effects. CBD oil, which contains zero psychoactive compounds, has been found to fight depression and anxiety by balancing neurotransmitters and improving mood. Mood disorders are harder to treat with pills, but CBD induces a general sense of well-being in the body and mind in a way that post-menopause women will appreciate.

Turning 40 doesn’t have to spell disaster for your body. If you have any of these problems, instead of masking them with prescription drugs, try using CBD and see the difference it brings to your life. Remember, it is completely natural and really is amazing.

About the author

Kelsi Burley

As nature/natural-living enthusiast and passionate researcher with 10 years in the cannabis industry, Kelsi enjoys playing her part to educate the world on the benefits of alternative health and medication options.

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