Build Your Own Popsicle!

For a refreshing summer treat, why not skip the ice cream truck and make your own popsicles? All you need are some simple ingredients, a blender, some popsicle molds and your freezer.


1. Yogurt

Use low-fat or Greek yogurt as a base if you want a creamy popsicle. If not, skip the yogurt.



fresh or frozen fruit

2. Fresh or frozen fruit

Throw in your favorite types of fruit. Experiment with flavors, such as orange mango or strawberry peach.



3. Veggies

Toss in some kale, which kids can’t taste but packs a powerful vitamin boost.



fruit juice

4. Fruit juice

Splash in some orange or apple juice or try V8 Fusion. If you’d prefer not to use juice, try unsweetened coconut milk.



5. Honey

If you don’t find your popsicle mixture sweet enough, add a little honey.

Once you have your desired ingredients in the blender, puree and pour into molds. If you want to add some texture to your popsicles, add some chopped fruit to the puree. Freeze and enjoy!

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