5 Quick and Easy Health Boosters You Can Do Every Day

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Written by Dave Asprey

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself takes a lot of effort. You need to overcome your natural tendencies, prepare your food carefully and actually make the time for health practices such as exercise.

Most people complain of not having enough time to think about their personal well-being because they know becoming and staying healthy takes work.

But, what if that “work” can be made simpler and quicker to accomplish?

For sure, everybody will be able to squeeze it into his or her schedule, no matter how hectic each day is.

If, in the course of your day, you can find a “free” minute or two every now and then, that’s still good news. This means you can make super simple, long-term changes for your health. Here is a list of these easy and quick improvements you can make:

Switch your regular cup of Joe with butter coffee.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer your coffee hot or cold, just use the best recipe for butter coffee instead of your usual. Use grass-fed butter for your coffee not only to enjoy a richer beverage but also to keep you alert throughout the day. You can improve your health greatly by supplying your muscles, including the heart and other organs, with omega-3 fatty acids.

Now, if you want even more benefits from a “cuppa,” add Brain Octane Oil. This powerful substance ups the advantages of drinking coffee even more because BOO is converted quickly into fat-burning ketone energy for your mind and body.

Always squirt some lemon juice into your water or tea.

This ultra-simple change can do wonders for your health such as improved immunity and the ability to keep your weight normal.

Although vitamin C deficiency is rare, people do not necessarily achieve the health experts’ recommended amount of 200 milligrams every day. So, make it a habit to squirt vitamin C-rich citrus fruit juice into your water or tea.

Start using mustard instead of mayonnaise.

No, they do not taste the same, but deliberately replacing mayonnaise with mustard can actually help you lose weight. This is because mustard contains no fat, unlike mayo, which has about 11 grams of fat and 99 calories per tablespoon. You can also use mustard to season your steak instead of drowning the meat with high-calorie gravy.

Get a cardiovascular workout for a minute each day.

One of the easiest workouts that you can pack in a minute is jumping or skipping rope. The steady jumping for 60 seconds will get your heart pumping fast. Plus, it will also trigger a little adrenaline rush that can block pain, make you more mentally alert, improve your breathing and boost your immune system.

Another workout you can do in a minute is abdominal crunches. This exercise does not require any type of workout equipment, but it will get the blood flowing throughout your body and, better yet, build muscles for your core. You can do crunches easily, so anytime you have a free minute, squeeze in those crunches.

Another idea is to brisk-walk for a full minute. There’s really nothing to this activity, but it is a great cardio exercise as it allows your body to burn calories so much faster. The best time to have a brisk walk? After a meal. Or, when you take your dog out for a walk, attach a leash to your dog’s collar so both of you can walk faster than usual.

Put on sunglasses before heading out during the day.

If you want to preserve your eyesight, wearing sunglasses when it’s sunny out is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are the leading cause of macular degeneration, which can lead to severe vision loss when you are older.

It is worth mentioning, too, that protecting your peepers with sunglasses will prevent you from squinting, which can cause fine lines around your eyes that can make you look older than you truly are.

Because of the simplicity of these changes, you can easily turn them into daily habits, and when they become habits, you can be sure to harness all the advantages they provide.

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Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio and author of The New York Times bestselling book, "The Bulletproof Diet."

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