Morning Running: Therapy For Anxiety

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Written by Emily Johnson

There’s something magical in getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning, getting dressed half-asleep, going out and having a run around your neighborhood.

You can observe your city and nature waking up slowly. It’s so quiet. It’s so peaceful. It’s the best time of the day.

What’s more, morning running helps you to survive throughout the day. How? Well, research proves that regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic disease, improves self-esteem and the sense of wellbeing, protects you from developing mental disorders and alleviates the symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Still not convinced? Here’s how morning running can help your anxiety and get you through the day:

You become calmer.

The problem with anxiety is that it can hit any time: while you’re shopping, talking to your friends or visiting your relatives. You may spend time dreading socializing before it actually happens. Negative emotions tend to build up in your body throughout the day. But, if you run in the morning, you get rid of all tension, negativity and stress before the day actually begins. You become more relaxed, calm and ready to face the day.

You’ve no strength for a panic attack, so you don’t have one.

After 3-5 mile run, you might find yourself so tired that your body won’t feel like handling stress, anxiety attacks and excess worry. Running can clear your mind and relax your body. Running in the morning lets you start your day thinking rationally and freeing you from any negative thoughts or worry.

You feel you can achieve anything.

When you run a few days a week for a month, you’ll notice that you’re stronger and that with each day, you can run further and further. This sense of achievement — the fact that you can beat your records — helps trigger the release of endorphins, those hormones that reduce pain and make you feel happy. Once you realize you can achieve something, you won’t be scared of your anxiety any longer. You’ll learn that anxiety is only an obstacle that you will overcome in time.

How To Start Running In The Morning: Tips For Beginners

It all sounds marvelous, but it’s not easy to teach yourself to get up before the sun and go for a run. Here are a few tips that will help you start your journey to overcome anxiety with morning running:

  1. Buy yourself stylish running clothes and equipment — it’ll boost your self-confidence.
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it.
  3. Don’t run for too long; you’re not training for a marathon — yet. Even a 15-minute run helps.
  4. Run with a friend.
  5. Share your plans and achievements on social media. All those likes will make you feel more positive and motivated.

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Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a blogger, a freelance writer and a content strategist at OmniPapers. She writes insightful and thought-provoking articles about personality psychology, creativity and remote work. Her articles on health and wellbeing teach others how to beat depression, overcome anxiety and sleep better. You can follow her on Twitter @emilyjohnson322.

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