Keeping Yourself Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us, and we can agree that none of us want to get sick this winter. A major key to avoid feeling under the weather is preventative measures. Getting the flu shot is paramount. Although the shot is not a 100% guarantee, it will greatly diminish your chances of catching the flu. Also, frequent hand washing helps stop the spread of disease.

To combat the surrounding germs during the season, boosting your immune system is crucial. Vitamin C and D and zinc are just a few components that play an integral role fortifying the immune system. A pharmacist can perform a simple test to check if you are zinc deficient and recommend the appropriate supplement.

Perhaps the most underestimated player affecting our immune system is the gut. Our gut is filled with bacteria, good and bad. These bacteria create up to 70 percent of the immune system. Without the proper balance of bacteria our immune health is compromised. Probiotics are a great way to restore this balance and aid our body to fight off infections, including cold and flu viruses. Keep in mind, all probiotics are not created equal. Taking a high quality, professional-grade probiotic is something we can do daily to maintain harmony and improve immunity. Remember, if your bacteria are sick, so are you.

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