Why Doesn’t My Dental Insurance Cover Treatment My Dentist Is Recommending?

Dental Insurance

Let’s take a closer look at what dental insurance is and isn’t. Dental insurance is a benefit intended to help curb some dental costs and to help you maintain good dental health. It isn’t “insurance” in the classic sense.  By definition, insurance implies replacement of loss in any and all instances. Insurance should be specifically designed using what you need and what you choose. Instead, dental insurance plans are about what someone else chooses. The plan pays for some things you may or may not need up to a preset limit, and doesn’t pay for some things you may need. 

Think about it:  Did the insurance company examine your mouth prior to setting up your plan?  Did you know dental coverage has been essentially $1,000 per year since it began in 1967?  Today with inflation, this coverage should be at $7,000 per year!

The bottom line:  View your dental insurance as a benefit, a coupon, or an excellent assistance program to help you maintain your dental health. It was never designed to provide you with all you need, so don’t let your plan dictate what you need. Your dentist’s role is to advise you regarding your dental health while keeping your goals in mind. Your role in turn is to attain those goals! 

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Aubrey Myers, D.D.S.

Aubrey Myers, D.D.S.
Williamsburg Center for Dental Health

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