Why You Should Choose an Audiologist


Developing an ongoing relationship with a local audiologist is just as important as finding a trusted primary care physician and dentist.

Audiologists are uniquely qualified health care professionals with a minimum of eight years of college education, culminating in the Doctor of Audiology degree. An audiologist has chosen a path of strenuous education to learn how to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat hearing and balance issues from birth through adulthood. Audiologists are educated not only in our physiology, but also on the technology of hearing devices and the science behind what hearing devices do for our hearing. That is why hearing aid manufacturers choose audiologists as the primary channel to deliver the latest technological advancements.

Direct mail, online advertisements and big box stores lure hearing solution-seeking individuals by offering deals on hearing aids, but patients need to be aware that the savings are generally achieved through offerings of inferior or outdated technology and most important of all, the lack of proper diagnostics and follow up care. While audiologists must meet ongoing continuing education requirements, other providers are not held up to the same esteem.

Hearing is one of our main senses and its preservation and restoration is critical to our quality of life. Trust your hearing care to a doctor of audiology. Credentials make all the difference.

About the author

Bethany Tucker, AU.D

Dr. Bethany Tucker graduated Magna cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from James Madison University. She then continued her education at JMU as the first Junior in the country to be accepted early to an accredited Doctor of Audiology program. She has experience providing hearing healthcare for all ages in various settings (private practices; ear, nose, and throat offices; and hospitals). Dr. Tucker is a Board Certified Audiologist and holds her accreditation by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Audiology allows her to connect with people and help reconnect others with their loved ones.

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