3 Steps to Check Your Testicles for Cancer

Checking Testicles

Testicular cancers are on the rise in the US with an estimated 9,560 new cases of testicular cancer diagnosed in 2019 according to the American Cancer Society.  Testicular cancer predominantly affects young men between the ages of 18-34.  With a 95% chance of survival testicular cancer can be successfully treated in most cases but early detection is key. Checking your testicles is a quick and easy process that should be performed monthly. Healthy testicles should feel smooth, firm and sensitive but not painful.

1. Get Steamy

Testicle exams are best performed in a steamy shower. A warm shower will put your nuts in the mood.

2. Roll Them Out

Using thumb and fingers gently roll the testicle checking for lumps, swelling, or pain.

3. Repeat With the Other Nut

Repeat on the other testicle. Healthy testicles should feel smooth, firm and sensitive but not painful.


Symptoms of testicular cancer may include:

  • A lump or swelling on the testicle that is painless
  • Testicle or scrotum pain or numbness
  • Changes to testicle size or firmness
  • Groin or lower abdomen pain

The Movember Foundation, a charity dedicated to men’s health initiatives, conducted a survey with YouGov. The study involved 528 men across the US, and the results have noted the following:

  • 81% of American men aged 18-34 don’t know their testicular cancer risk
  • 81% of 18-34 year-old men in the US don’t know they are in the age group most at risk of being diagnosed with testicular cancer
  • 67% of 18-34 year-old men in the US say they don’t know how to perform a testicular self-examination

Not all bad news – of all American men, 25% say that they have checked themselves for signs of testicular cancer in the last month, up from 19% in 2016

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