Yoganatomy: Warrior Two

Virabhadrasana II
(veer-ah-bah-DRAHS-anna two)

  1. Start inTadasana (Mountain Pose). On an exhalation, step or lightly jump your feet 3 1/2 – 4 feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides, shoulder blades tucked in on the back and palms face down.
  2. Stay lifted in the chest region. Keep your waist– above your hips (no leaning forward).
  3. Inhale, lift your heart, exhale and bend your left knee over the left ankle, so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor. Your knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Anchor your left knee by strengthening the right leg and pressing the outer right heel firmly into to the floor.
  4. Make sure your toes are pointing straight in the same direction your fingers are.
  5. Press both feet firmly into the ground, using all 4 corners of your feet.
  6. There should be equal weight distribution between the front & back feet.
  7. Keep your chest lifted while allowing the shoulders to tuck in on the back.
  8. The Dhristi or gazing point is out beyond the middle finger. Allow your gaze to soften.
  9. Hold standing poses for 5 breaths on each side.
  10. Spread pelvis open equally in both directions.
  11. Firmly anchor down your back heel

reverse warrior

Keeping your legs where they are – flip your front hand toward the sky and draw that arm up and then back toward the wall behind you. The other hand can glide down your back extended leg. Breathe and allow your chest to open wide.