Second Opinion: I was told I snore. What can I do for this that is non-invasive? 

If you snore, you are one in 45 percent of the population that does so. It typically disturbs those around you more than it does you. Snoring is caused by an obstruction of the soft tissue in the throat that creates a vibration and harsh sounds. It can be caused by weight gain, alcohol use, congestion, smoking, and/or enlarged tonsils. Therefore, snoring can be treated by changing any of these circumstances or habits. There are also several designs of oral appliances that help prevent snoring. These appliances are custom-fit and position the lower jaw and tongue forward, preventing the tissues from contacting and creating noises. Before getting fit by your dentist for an appliance, it is important that you are tested for sleep apnea. This is when there are moments the airway is shut off and your breathing stops. If you do have sleep apnea, this is more serious and needs to be addressed. 

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