Pro Files: Lori Schultz

Benefits Personal Training


“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

I’ve always had a passion for exercise. My interest in fitness paired well with my desire to study body mechanics in school. After college, I became a certified personal trainer and did that locally for about six years before deciding to open my own gym. I opened Benefits because I wanted to expand my client base and, therefore, help more people achieve their wellness goals. And through my studio I give other personal trainers the opportunity to do the same.

Best Advice for Beginning a Program

Start by setting a goal, whether long term or short term, and write your goals in a journal. Then make sure your daily activities re-enforce those goals, and keep a written record of them. You don’t have to journal forever, but it can be very motivating to look back at your progress over the course of your journey as well as see what works and what doesn’t.