Is the “Teeth in a Day” procedure for me?

Teeth in a Day

There is a significant emotional impact on an individual when he or she has to take their teeth out at night and after every meal, or when faced with the fear that their teeth could fall out at any moment.  With Teeth in a Day, multiple implants help to hold artificial teeth in place.  The patient walks into a dental office and walks out with a new smile on the same day.  

Teeth in a Day can cost as much as a new car, but this procedure can be a life changing event if done correctly.

Advanced dentists who spend a great deal of time working with implants, and especially complex implant cases, have come to realize that Teeth in a Day is not the perfect solution for everyone.  In fact, less than 25% of patients with missing teeth are candidates for such
a procedure.  However, there are many other implant options that will benefit all of those who are missing teeth.  The only way to truly know your options and how they can improve your dental health and quality of life is with a complete and thorough evaluation by an advanced restorative dentist.

William Harper, D.D.S.

Harper Dental Care


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William Harper, D.D.S.


Dr. William Harper is a comprehensive dentist in Poquoson, Virginia. Though the state of Virginia only requires a dentist to complete 15 hours of continuing education per year, Dr. Harper has averaged over 100 hours each year in the last decade. This commitment to advanced education allows Dr. Harper to provide patients with the highest level of care that research and experience can offer.