Should I Get a Knee Brace from a Pharmacy or Online?

Sponsored by John Robb, CPO

We have all seen these devices on TV. Quick-ship braces to treat knee pain or other injuries, but are they right for you?

Probably not. Braces, also known as orthoses, are devices that treat injury or musculoskeletal disorders by providing support to the compromised area(s). Used correctly, they can provide the proper support needed to relieve pain and help an injury heal. However, a device that is incorrect for the condition or does not fit properly can delay healing, or worse, cause further damage.

Your doctor will diagnose your condition and prescribe an orthotic device specifically for your disorder. You may be referred to an orthotist for an additional evaluation and fitting. Physical therapy may also be recommended to ensure that you are bearing weight properly and walking correctly, to avoid further injury.

Swift and correct treatment can prevent the need for, or delay surgery for some individuals. If you are encountering occasional or chronic knee pain, even in the early stages, I recommend seeing your family or orthopedic physician for an evaluation. Trying a “do it yourself” approach may save you money in the short-term, but put you at risk for worse problems down the road.

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