Summer is Here!

summer is here

I am all about summer.

Whereas autumn used to be my favorite season, when I had kids, I realized once again how much fun summer can be. School will be out, and that means long, lazy days full of sunshine. Weekends on my dad’s sailboat and afternoons of listening for the ice cream truck. Vacations in the Outer Banks or just beach days. Pool days and swim meets, cookouts and Fourth of July parties. Bike rides to the park. Nights of watching fireflies in the trees.

Sure, summer means hot days and slightly less-hot nights, but that’s what air-conditioning is for, right?

In last month’s Health Journal, we told you about the fun family festivals to visit this summer. This month, we offer you a list of the best 5Ks and fun runs to try out. The new Twisted Tri at the end of June at Kingsmill sounds especially interesting … yoga, meditation and running? Sounds like a great time and as an added bonus, there’s beer and wine afterward! Also this month, we talk about camping and all the health benefits it offers while spending that quality family time in the woods. If you haven’t been camping in a while, you’re missing out on the fresh air and getting back to nature. The feeling of sitting around a campfire, phone tucked away, thinking of nothing but that moment and the loved ones around you — that’s worth being woken by the sun and the bugs. Besides, you should be wearing bug spray!

We don’t forget about one of the best parts, either — camping food. Make sure you turn to Taste Appeal for some delicious recipes you can cook right over the fire. Remember those foil packet meals you had as a scout long ago? We’ve got the recipe right here. And we kick up the basic s’more a notch with banana boats filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips and warmed over the fire.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, instead of going on vacation and traveling by car, plane or train, how about by bicycle? Check out Bob Flynn’s story about bikepacking — one of the latest trends in cycling and travel. You literally pack up your bike and hit the road! It’s a fantastic, get-your-blood-pumping way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Whatever your plans are for this summer, have the best time ever!

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Kim O'Brien Root was a newspaper reporter — writing for papers in Virginia and Connecticut — for 15 years before she took a break to be a stay-at-home mom. When the lure of writing became too strong, she began freelancing and then took on the role of the Health Journal’s editor in Dec. 2017. She juggles work with being a chronic volunteer for two PTAs
and the Girl Scouts. She lives in Hampton, Virginia with her husband, a fellow journalist, their two children and a dog.

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