Your Family Won’t Want to Miss These Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List
Written by Kasey M. Fuqua

With the arrival of August and back-to-school supplies already appearing on the store shelves, your family doesn’t have much time left to make the most of sunny, summer months. Make sure to check these items off your list to enjoy a classic (and fun!) summer.

Your Checklist to Guarantee Summer Fun

  • Build a sandcastle fit for your little prince or princess.
  • Catch fireflies before they disappear in the fall.
  • Go kayaking/stand-up-paddle boarding in the bay for an easier time or in the ocean for more of a challenge.
  • Watch the sun rise over the Ocean.
  • Go on a picnic to one of the great parks in the area or simply in your backyard.
  • Go to an art museum.
  • Watch some fireworks.
  • Run through a sprinkler. If you don’t have one, you can make one out of a garden hose and PVC pipe.
  • Visit the ice cream truck for a trip down memory lane and a major sugar rush.
  • Go to an outdoor concert to enjoy the summer weather, stars and music.
  • Fly a kite. If you don’t have enough wind in your backyard, visit a beach to soar to new heights.
  • Be a kite yourself by going parasailing.
  • Shop at a farmer’s market.
  • Pet some farm animals.
  • Go zip lining.
  • Take a river cruise.
  • Go beach combing for sea glass, beautiful shells or crawling crabs.
  • Sleep in a tent in the backyard; ghost stories are optional.
  • Stroll through an outdoor arts festival.
  • Eat a s’more; try out new types of chocolate like peanut butter cups for a new twist on a classic summer treat.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Play a round of miniature golf.
  • Host an outdoor movie night in your driveway; you can rent a projector and make your own screen out of PVC piping and a thick white sheet.
  • Learn something new at a museum.
  • Scream your lungs out on a roller coaster.
  • Walk with the butterflies in a botanical garden.
  • Get closer to wildlife at your local park.
  • Build a fort in the comfort of your own living room out of all the sheets and blankets you can find.
  • See all sorts of species by visiting the zoo and/or aquarium.
  • Declare war with a backyard water balloon and squirt gun fight.
  • Have a field day with classic games in the backyard like tug-of-war, jump-the-creek, sack races and egg-and-spoon races.
  • Eat some watermelon — salt is optional.
  • Go fishing in a nearby lake or get adventurous and try your luck out on the ocean.
  • Bike outside.
  • Visit an animal shelter and pet some dogs and cats; maybe even bring one home!
  • Get down in the dirt by planting some new flowers or vegetables in time for fall.
  • Take plenty of pictures and keep your ticket stubs so you can create a scrapbook.
  • On the last night before school starts, share your favorite memories of summer over a special family meal.

About the author

Kasey M. Fuqua

Kasey Fuqua has been writing for hospitals and healthcare publications for over five years. Her writing often inspires her to explore new habits at home, from baking healthier to trying different workout routines. She’s a firm believer in lifting heavy weights, enjoying the food you eat and getting eight hours of sleep.

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