3 Food Rules to Keep You Lean Without Dieting

rules to keep you lean
Written by Candace Rhodes

The majority of us who start a new diet will fail within two weeks or less for numerous reasons. But no matter how much weight you have to lose and what your dietary preferences are, you can easily apply these three rules to keep you lean without getting on another diet.

Rule #1 — Eat Lean Protein at Every Meal

There are many benefits to eating lean protein, but the one that’s most important is that lean protein keeps you full. Most people quit diets because they’re hungry and unsatisfied with their meals, but adding protein to every meal will help keep you satiated and full so you’re less likely to snack — and to consume fewer calories. Protein also provides a steady supply of energy.

Start with a palm size worth of lean protein at every meal, choosing such options as cod, tuna, eggs, lean beef, chicken breast or turkey burgers. For plant proteins, try tofu, lentils, quinoa and beans.

Rule #2 — Add 2-3 Cups of Vegetables to Every Meal

Fiber from vegetables helps add to the fullness we feel after every meal. We also get a variety of vitamins and minerals from our vegetables that we cannot get from protein and carbs.

The vitamins we absorb from vegetables keep us young, prevent illness and improve our overall health. Since they are low in calories and rich in nutrients, they are perfect for keeping you lean without feeling hungry.

Rule #3 — Stop Eating Before You’re Full

Our stomachs take at least 20 minutes to send the signal to our brains that we are full. If you’re eating quickly and taking less than 20 minutes to eat, you could find yourself feeling stuffed by the time you reach the 20-minute mark. By that time, you will have likely overeaten excess calories that add to your waistline.

Instead, be mindful when you’re eating and pay attention to the taste, texture and feel of food when it’s in your mouth. This way you can stop eating when you’re about 80-percent full and be at the point where you’re satisfied and your stomach feels comfortable.

The key to staying lean and losing fat is to eat fewer calories than your body needs and being mindful of your meals. Following these three simple food rules is a great start to helping you keep lean without having to start another diet. Simplicity is the key to helping you stay consistent with your dietary habits — these rules will not only keep you lean and healthy but also satisfied with your meals.

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