Avoiding the Teenage Metal-mouth Look With Six Month Smiles

avoid metal mouth

As a mature adult, I’ve always wanted straight teeth, but I dread the “teenage metal-mouth look.” Any advice?

I have fantastic news for you! Six Month Smiles (SMS), a short-term orthodontic treatment, is the answer for a quick and easy way to cosmetically enhance your smile — as opposed to a major bite or jaw realignment. While there are still times when traditional braces are necessary, Six Month Smiles can be successfully used for even some of the most dramatic cases. SMS is a conservative treatment designed to safely, gently and quickly straighten your teeth — primarily the ones that show when you smile. Any discomfort is minimal, and the most exciting part of it all is that most cases are completed in six months or less.

Six Month Smiles braces treat adult patients, from ages 18 to 80. They can successfully correct crowding, close spaces between teeth and straighten teeth that are tilted or flared. Tooth-colored brackets and wires are used, so they blend right in with your natural tooth shade.

Hands down, Six Month Smiles is an exciting solution for those who have always dreamed of a straighter-looking smile. Check in with a SMS provider to see if you are a good candidate for this option.

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Lisa Marie Samaha, D.D.S

The Art of 21st-Century Dentistry can improve your appearance, comfort, health and knowledge through a wide range of dental services using the most modern technology. Located in Newport News, Virginia, and serving patients in Wlliamsburg, Yorktown, and Hampton, as well as across the country and around the globe, Port Warwick Dental Arts utilizes a variety of remarkable technologies and treatments to enhance your dental experience and fulfill your vision for a beautiful, healthy smile.
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