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Self care

10 quick and simple ways to take care of YOU during the holidays

When your holiday to-do list is longer than a spool of ribbon, it’s time to implement some daily self-care routines. Getting through the holiday season can be like running a marathon, so why not implement some simple habits to get you to the finish line without collapsing? Even better, ramp up your self-care so that you bound through the holiday season at your pace.

Here are 10 quick and simple ways to take special care of yourself during the holidays. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking your daily water will keep your energy up and help your body perform at its peak level. Make it a habit to drink two glasses first thing in the morning, two at lunch and two at dinner, leaving you with only two more to drink during your day. Or, keep track with one giant 64-ounce bottle or an app.

Delegate one task a day

Get things off your list — let go of the burden and your need for perfection and identify one task a day to give to someone else, whether at work or home. Use the freed-up time for a peaceful cup of tea, the walk you desperately need or to take care of a more important item from your centralized list. If you find this works for you, challenge yourself to maintain this practice after the holidays. 

Keep track of your life

Are your lists buried somewhere in the pile of kids’ artwork on your kitchen table? Create one document with all of your to-dos. Whether it’s in a bullet journal, on a wall calendar or on your phone, having one place for everything you have to remember will save time and frustration. Devise your own holiday guide with a list of everyone you buy gifts for and how much you spend.

Do nothing

Identify one event to skip without guilt. Is Aunt Betty’s ugly sweater exchange something you never enjoy? Use the extra time to catch-up or even better, do nothing. Having a plan to do nothing is still a plan. Take Aunt Betty out for lunch in January when you can have a better visit with her.

Remember to breathe

When you are stopped at a traffic light, this can be your signal that it’s time to take a deep breath. Deep breathing will reduce your heart rate, calm you down and help you maintain your stamina to get through the day. Repeat as often as possible.

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for getting through long days. Set an alarm an hour before you want to go to bed as a reminder to decompress without your phone. Take a bath, read a book and crawl into bed early to give yourself a treat. The extra rest will leave you energized and ready to attack the next day.

Eat healthy

When you go to a potluck, bring a healthy dish so that you know you have something you can eat. Everyone else will appreciate it as well. Keep a few protein bars in your purse or car so that you don’t get over-hungry and end up eating french fries.

Encourage yourself

Change your phone screensaver to a message to help you remember what you want to do throughout the holidays. Some examples: “Smile More,” “Slow Down,” “Have Gratitude,” “Let it Go” or even “Don’t be a Grinch!”

Don’t forget to make memories

Don’t want to miss decorating cookies with your kids, watching your favorite holiday movie with your parents or driving around to see the holiday lights? Put your priorities on a calendar to ensure they happen.

Reward yourself

Give yourself a reward on January 2nd for making it to the finish line. A massage, a pedicure, a new essential oil for your diffuser or breakfast out with a friend — whatever it is, you deserve it. After all, you just ran a marathon!

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Rebecca Reimers Cristol

Rebecca is a Life and Business coach who guides her clients to
find work/life balance, gain clarity and incorporate self-care into
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