Fashion to Fall For: Fall Trends and How to Wear Them

2018 Fall Fashions
Written by Suzanne Douglas

Vintage Floral Prints

Perhaps the biggest trend from this past spring was retro floral fabrics, and they’re still going strong again this fall. From blouses to shirtdresses to pants and even handbags, vintage floral patterns are, quite simply, everywhere. When choosing a floral print, make sure it is in line with your scale:  if you are petite, stick to smaller patterns, as a large print will drown a delicate frame. Likewise, a teeny-tiny print will be lost on larger women — go for bigger, bolder designs.

Easy Dressing

“Comfort is a trend in itself,” says Jennifer Mellis, owner of Bodacious Lady Boutique. “Consumers are looking for softer fabrics, an easier fit, things that you can put on and forget about them.” That’s why leggings, which some experts dismissed as just a trend, are now practically a basic for many women. The comfort trend even extends to outerwear — big, roomy coats that make a statement were all over the runways this fall.

Trend Colors

Whether you’re warm, cool or somewhere in between, the fall colors this year feature a little something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of purple (Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018 is Ultra Violet), there are many other wonderful shades to choose from, including Red Pear (a deep warm burgundy) or Nebulae Blue (a bright, medium blue that takes its hue from nautical themes). Martini Olive is the latest iteration of fall’s classic olive green, and look for other updated hues such as Russet Orange and Ceylon Yellow. Even carmakers are getting into the act: The Honda Fit and Jeep Renegade now come in shades of orange (the Fit also comes in bright yellow) and the Volkswagen New Beetle is available in a peppery habanero hue.

Bell Sleeves

The bell-sleeve trend is so strong for fall that you practically can’t find a dress or blouse without it! Very romantic in nature, bell sleeves can be found on dresses, blouses and even jackets. However, bell sleeves can be tricky to wear. If you’re trying the look, check where the sleeve falls, to make sure it doesn’t add bulk around your waist or hip. And if you love the blouse or dress but hate the bells, you can always have them narrowed by your tailor.


The Bohemian trend — which began several seasons ago in street fashion — has now gone fully mainstream, and nothing says Boho more than beautiful embroidery. Embroidered garments, belts and handbags appeal to the touch of hippie in all of us. Boho doesn’t have to be head-to-toe — from a full-blown embroidered tunic to just embellishment on a bag or sleeve, you’ll be able to channel the ’70s in style.

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Suzanne Douglas

Suzanne Douglas is the owner of Style Capital (www.stylecapitalusa.com), a wardrobe and styling consultancy that helps you update and streamline your wardrobe.

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