DIY: 52 Things I Love About You Cards

This is the perfect gift for any person in your life. It’s an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings or just because. You can also use this same concept to create perpetual calendars using 31 cards and typing motivational quotes. 

You’ll need:

• Playing cards

• Mod-Podge or rubber cement

• Binder rings

• One-hole punch

• Scissors


1. I created a template using Adobe Illustrator, but you can do this using Microsoft Word.

2. I printed my 52 things on card stock and cut out each square by hand. I then glued each square to the playing cards using a thin layer of basic Mod-Podge, but you could also use rubber cement for a faster drying time.

3. Once the cards were dry, I took one card (the Joker or an extra card you don’t plan on including in your booklet) and practiced punching some holes in it. Try your best to punch holes in the same place on each card, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, because the metal binder rings are large enough to give some flexibility to the booklet. Thread each card onto the rings in
your desired order and spread the love!



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