5 Low-Impact Exercises for a Healthier You

low impact exercise routines
Written by Kat Brancato

Whether you are beginning a new exercise routine or have to start with a gentle workout due to your health conditions, low-impact exercises can give significant results. The following exercises can help tone, build endurance, and burn calories without additional strain from high-impact workouts.

Yoga: Exercise Routine for Inner and Outer Self

There are many styles of yoga to choose from. You can begin with less strenuous forms such as Hatha or Iyengar. As you become more flexible, you can try styles such as Power Yoga and Ashtanga to increase muscle tone and strength.  Yoga can help you:

• Increase Flexibility
• Improve Posture      
• Increase Strength       
• Lower Blood Pressure       
• Reduce Stress        
• Boost Mood

One study showed that after a 10-week yoga routine, people had a reduction of stress and improved mental health.

Pilates: Low Impact Exercise, High Impact Results

Pilates has a variety of styles and equipment to choose from. You can begin with simple mat Pilates exercises and move on to utilizing equipment to increase difficulty, strength, and flexibility. Pilates health benefits include:

• Increased Core Strength
• Improved Flexibility       
• Reduced Chronic Pain     
• Increased Focus    
• Boosted Brain Power

A Brazilian study found that women participating in Pilates as part of a low impact exercise routine became 19 percent more flexible after 20 Pilates sessions.  

Walking: Anywhere, Anytime

A simple, yet powerful, low-impact exercise is walking. You can enjoy the outdoors or use a treadmill to reap substantial health benefits. Walking 30 minutes per day can help:

• Reduce Body Fat   
• Decrease Heart Disease       
• Improve Lung Health      
• Increase Endurance      
• Improve Circulation        
• Boost Energy       
• Reduce Joint Pain

Walking is a great way to start a regular exercise routine without expensive equipment, and you can do anywhere.

Swimming: No Stress Exercise

Swimming is the ideal low impact exercise. You use your entire body, and it is one of the few exercises that doesn’t stress the skeletal system. The water supports the body’s weight and is perfect for people with injuries or struggle with other fitness routines. Regular swimming:

• Improves Flexibility
• Tones Muscles        
• Increases Lung Volume        
• Boosts Endorphins        
• Burns Calories

Swimming is healthy, fun and burns 400 calories or more an hour with even a low- or moderate lap routine.

Cycling: Calorie Burn

Cycling can burn mega calories. You can burn anywhere from 400-1000 calories in a one-hour session. Studies have shown that incorporating cycling into your exercise routine can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer by as much as 50 percent. Cycling has also been shown to:

• Increase Stamina
• Improve Cardiovascular Health        
• Improve Flexibility & Mobility        
• Reduce Stress        
• Build & Tone Muscle        
• Reduce Body Fat

Cycling is a perfect outdoor workout. You can go to the park, ride in your neighborhood or hit some trails. For rainy days you can utilize a simple stationary bike and still burn mega calories.

Remember something is better than nothing. You can pick your favorite low-impact workout or rotate between all five to get maximum health benefits. Switching things up can keep you from getting bored with your fitness routine and help you become a healthier you. 

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