Improve Your Man’s Health With a Subscription Box

Written by Kasey M. Fuqua

It’s no secret that men are less likely to look after their own health than women. According to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, men are 25 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the last year. And since men are more likely to die of cancer and heart disease than women, this lack of visits isn’t an indication that men are simply in better health than women.

Subscription boxes are an increasingly popular service that can make it easier for men to make good choices about their health and fitness. Depending on the brand, contents of a box can include anything from recipes and ingredients to protein powder and running headphones. The wellness-themed boxes bring new, healthy products right to men’s doorsteps.

Some of the most popular — and unique — subscription boxes to help improve men’s wellness and lifestyle include:

Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers healthy recipes and the ingredients you need to make them to your home every week. The boxes can be customized to vegetarian or gluten-free diets, but the ingredients are always fresh. For young men just learning how to cook or busy men who don’t want to mess with the grocery store, Blue Apron can make cooking easier, reducing their chances of grabbing unhealthy fast food instead.

Men’s Health Box

Men’s Health magazine has gotten in on the subscription-box trend. Their quarterly boxes offer vitamins, supplements, workout videos, protein bars, grooming products and more. Each box comes with a large number of products aimed at helping men enjoy fit bodies, great hygiene and classic style.


Like Blue Apron, ButcherBox brings great food to you so you don’t have to rely on take-out or a freezer full of pizzas. In this case, it’s “high quality grasped, antibiotic- and steroid-free meat like beef, chicken or pork.” Each month features different cuts along with delicious recipes so men can feed their inner carnivore while improving their healthy cooking skills.

Bulu Box

Bulu Box promises that each month’s subscription will help “upgrade your health.” The boxes feature health products like vitamins, supplements, protein bars and nutritious snacks. You may also find small fitness products or DVDs, sleep aids, gym gift cards or kitchen tools in your monthly delivery. They even sell a weight loss box for men looking to shed extra pounds, which may be helpful for the 34.5 percent of men over age 20 who experience obesity. The Bulu Box is a great way to start trying out health and fitness products so you can find the items that help you stay motivated and feel great.


Like the name suggests, the JackedPack helps men improve their fitness and strength. They offer a variety of tiers and price ranges so men with any budget can sample new supplements. Because supplements can be expensive, this box helps men find products they enjoy without spending a fortune. The box is designed for bodybuilders or serious weightlifters, so before ordering this box, be sure you get your gym membership, too.

While these boxes can help you get started on a healthier lifestyle, there’s no better way to improve your health than a yearly visit to your physician. Your physician is your teammate for better health, giving you access to personalized health knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

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Kasey M. Fuqua

Kasey Fuqua has been writing for hospitals and healthcare publications for over five years. Her writing often inspires her to explore new habits at home, from baking healthier to trying different workout routines. She’s a firm believer in lifting heavy weights, enjoying the food you eat and getting eight hours of sleep.