LOVE. LIVE. Motivating to iNSPIRE!

Ray Pope

Well, well, well…looky here! It’s amazing that after years of doing radio on a national level, I’m contributing my thoughts in a more quiet way, but louder than ever! I want to thank you for perusing through the World Wide Web, and finding your way to this column called, “LOVE.LIVE Motivate to iNSPIRE!” Although you may not be familiar with it, let me explain to you what’s going on, and since you’re already reading, you might as well keep going! This column is simply to inspire and motivate life, and love in motion. I’ll be talking about love, inspiration, kindness, emotion, happiness, fun…and all of its enemies that need to be beat out of your life! YES, YOU! You…that one drinking coffee, or cooking for the kids, or about to run that mile, all of you! You too need to be inspired.Oversized jogger

I know that sometimes things seem so hard to handle. Work is more demanding than ever, and you go home to an even more demanding situation. Or maybe you go home to the most boring life ever! You, too, can be motivated and inspired to get up and change the things about your life that drag you down. Live your life…Love your life. (Hey…I like that, I may continue to use that…thanks a bunch! Your check is in the mail…NOT! LOL) Live the life you are intended to live. It’s your life. This life is different from the life your mother lived, or your father, or your Aunt Suzie or Uncle Peaches! Maybe they had a great life that was handed to them on a silver platter. Or maybe they had a rough life and couldn’t even count the holes in the soles of their shoes. How many of us have that family member that says, “Heat? image1When I was your age, we had to huddle in a corner and take turns breathing on each other just to stay warm!” As if you aren’t allowed to enjoy the amenities of life that you want, or enjoy already. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about wanting more out of life or changing the life you live. This is about you! Your life!

The first thing I always ask is: what is that thing that you wake up still dreaming about? What is that thing that you truly desire to happen? That thing is usually coming up on your list of tests really soon. Maybe it’s your dream career. Go inquire about the classes or training it takes and work towards it one step at a time. Or maybe you are dreaming about settling down and enjoying the rest of your life with someone special, but you don’t have a boyfriend, girlfriend or ANY friend! Go fix yourself up, grab a haircut and some cologne. See the handsome man and gorgeous woman you have been created to be. Go on a date, don’t be afraid to say “hello” to that one person sitting by themselves. Maybe you have that someone special, but you dream of taking your family on a great vacation. Let’s not forget those of us (me, included) who have weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. Get in the gym and take baby steps… (hint, hint on baby steps D’Shawn Wright!) Or maybe it’s more of life and death, such as an addiction that has its ugly hands braced around your neck and you desire to break its horrifying chokehold. There are so many hospitals, addiction clinics and help groups available (and many are discrete) where you can easily get the help you need, if you love your life enough to want it! YOU CAN CHANGE! Through loving yourself and your life, you can see how important it is to achieve these goals, defeat the odds, regain your confidence and share with the world or those close to you how you’ve been blessed in a way to overcome the obstacles set in front of you. Then you can say, “Heat? I just turned it up!” (OH, SNAP! BOOM!)

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