Why Should I Consult an Audiologist?

In their search for the most affordable hearing aid option, people have often asked me why they should choose an audiologist. The following are a few of my replies.

Audiologists are the professionals dedicated to helping people with hearing problems. In the United States, the majority of hearing aids are dispensed by licensed audiologists. In addition to evaluating someone’s hearing loss and properly fitting hearing aids, an audiologist can provide follow up care, hearing aid accessories, and counseling for you and your family members.

Audiologists are trained in the prevention, diagnosis and non-medical treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists are able to provide various services in private practices, physician’s offices, hospitals and schools. These services may include diagnostic evaluation and interpretation of hearing loss and tinnitus, hearing aid dispensing, aural rehabilitation, and tinnitus management.

A qualified audiologist holds a graduate degree from an accredited university, has obtained state licenses, has completed a full-time clinical internship, and passed national competency examinations. Audiologists use the most advanced diagnostic procedures and state-of-the-art equipment to individualize the fitting of your hearing aids. An audiologist is an invaluable resource for your hearing healthcare needs.

About the author

Lauren A. Matsko, Au.D., MPH, CCC-A