What You Don’t Say can Hurt You

In my experience, I’ve noticed many patients fail to view their health and healthcare as a state of total being. Viewing issues with their health only as disruptions in homeostasis: Problem and solution. Often they do not consider all of the factors which contribute to their health and lack thereof. However, all components of one’s health work cooperatively.

Over the counter medications and herbal products can be integral parts of total body health. Though, they can also be the cause of less than perfect outcomes. Many drugs when used concurrently create volatile environments. Several products in combination may engage in drug-drug interactions, which may precipitate serious disturbances. It is not uncommon for medication to be contraindicated in a medical condition; aggravating or allowing the condition to aggressively progress.  This includes beloved vitamins and supplements.

It is important for patients to understand the importance of informing both pharmacists and physicians of any and all nonprescription drug use. If a healthcare provide asks “What medications are you currently taking?” Think about daily multivitamins, pain medication taken for a reoccurring ailment, and any herbal or vitamin product you make take for any purpose. Essentially, all of your medication usage.

Remember, what your health providers don’t know can hurt you! Optimize your pharmacotherapy by disclosing as much information as you can about your medication regimens, even if it doesn’t seem pertinent. What you don’t say could be the difference between life and death.