Weight Loss Success

My third meeting was with Donna Boyd, the lifestyles
education. It was also the happiest day there so far. I lost nearly four pounds
with most of it being either water weight or fat. Just a small amount was
muscle. It was all good. I felt like I was walking on air.

Donna asked how things were going. One problem was an
upcoming dinner with friends at an Italian restaurant. Since my diet is
carbohydrate less, it is pretty hard to get around that at a place that
specializes in pasta.

However, Donna suggested that instead of my usual – linguine
and clam sauce I consider another option. She said it would be a good idea to
for me to view the menu online to get an idea of what I want. Donna and I
talked about various Italian dishes including chicken Marsala which is not a
pasta dish. I eat a lot of chicken at home so when I eat at a restaurant I
prefer not order it. So I asked about veal Marsala which she said was fine.

Her suggestion really got me craving it. Since I have been
to this restaurant many times, I knew it was on the menu. I order it at the
restaurant. It came with a side of angel hair pasta. I pushed it far from my
plate, but I did eat two small bites. Prior to starting this program, I would
have finished it.

While it might make one think I felt deprived, I did not.
Instead I felt in control. This feeling tastes better than any food could.

Please continue to join me in my journey and let me know how
your weight loss journey is going.