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Weight Loss Education

My first meeting with the team was informative. Their
high-tech scale that can determine how much of my weight is water, fat and
muscle. While ordinary scales give the weight, it does not paint the entire
picture. Muscle is good and it weighs more than fat.  So a regular scale may show a weight gain,
but it might be a good weight gain in the form of muscle.

I met with the four people who cover various components of
weight loss. The first was Katherine Alice Werner, dietician. I learned
something that I already knew but did not want to face – I eat too many
carbohydrates and need to cut back drastically in order to lose weight.

She recommended that in order for my metabolism to get a
kick start I need to cut out carbohydrates out for a few weeks. I knew pasta,
rice, potatoes, and bread were a part of that group. However, what surprised me
was that cutting out carbohydrates meant also cutting cheese, beans and yogurt.

She asked me how many meals I eat a day. I eat the usual
three plus one morning snack. The morning is when I experience the most hunger.
Sometimes I may have afternoon snack, but that is rare. I thought I was having
a good snack of yogurt or cheese and apples. Not so, Katherine-Alice suggested
I change that to peanut butter and celery.
Another problem was breakfast. I have a slice of whole wheat toast, two
slices of turkey bacon and an egg. Cut the toast. Lunch is a salad with
sugar-free dressing and lean meat and dinner is a vegetable and lean meat. The
idea is protein and vegetables.

My meeting with Donna Boyd, the lifestyle educator, was
interesting with the questions she asked. Questions that really made me think
about my state of mind and those around me. She asked if I had support, which I
do with my husband and daughters. She asked is my greatest weakness. The answer
is too much of a good thing. I do buy low-fat cookies and eat more than the
recommended surviving size, maybe not at once, but over the course of a couple
of days. I also am really bad about keeping a food diary, which is important.

Finally I met with Ping Yip, the exercise trainer.  She recommended an exercise rope. She gave me
a series of exercises to do every day other day. They are simple, the rope is
inexpensive.  The exercises take about 30

We also talked about walking. I walk two miles at least four
to five times a week. I was proud to say I have a routine of dropping my
daughters at school and then heading to a paved trail at Riverview Fantasy Farm
Park. Ping asked me how long it takes me to walk the two miles, I said about 40

“Try decreasing it to 30 minutes,” she responded. I gulped.
Could I? I was already going at a pretty good clip. But I agreed because with
my workload, I needed the extra time.

My final meeting was with Dr. Renee Moss.  Prior to our meeting The Health Journal’s editor,
Page Bishop-Freer, asked why I wanted to work with Dr. Moss. My response was
that Dr. Moss has a dynamic and funny personality. Like me, she is a mother of
school-age children, a wife and is doing the juggling of career and family.  I also liked her figure –slim but not skinny.

During my meeting with Dr. Moss asked what is the one thing
I do not want to give up. I said my glass of wine while I make dinner. She
accepted it.

Another part is Dr. Moss’ understanding that my body might
be working against me. There could be something wrong with my hormones, vitamin
D and testosterone. I was surprised about the vitamin D, but it does aid in
weight loss. Makes sense that many people gain weight during the winter months
because there is less sunlight – source of vitamin D. The testosterone is also
a surprise. However, that would explain why men lost weight faster than women.
So blood tests were ordered.

This is the beginning of my journey. Please join me next
week for my first follow-up meeting.