Is There a Way to Stop Food Cravings?

One of the most common questions asked by people trying to lose weight is “how do I stop craving ____________ (fill in the blank)?”

Being dissatisfied with your career, relationships, spirituality or physical activity can cause cravings. Other causes include chronic dehydration, happy memories surrounding food, changes in seasons, changes in hormones, eating an unbalanced diet or a diet that lacks micronutrients, and even self-sabotage.

If the cravings are for food types versus specific food items, here are four suggestions that may help stave off the cravings. If you are craving sugar, your body is crying out for energy, so eat energy-dense foods such as kale, raw cacao, broccoli, hemp seeds and berries.

If you are craving salt, your body needs minerals. Eat seaweed such as spirulina, nori or kombu. If you are craving something crunchy, you may be harboring feelings of unresolved frustration or anger. Instead of reaching for potato chips, eat carrots, bell peppers, apples or nuts. And then work to resolve the root issues causing frustration or anger.

If you are craving something creamy, you may be feeling unappreciated and just need a hug. If you can’t find someone to hug, try eating avocado, Greek yogurt or a baked sweet potato.

Understanding the underlying causes of cravings is the key to stopping them.

About the author

Rhonda Huff, M.Ed, CHHC, CPT, AADP, NLP

Rhonda is the owner and master trainer at Body-in-Balance Wellness & Fitness Studio in Virginia. She’s worked for the top luxury fitness clubs in New York City. Rhonda enjoys coaching sports and sharing her knowledge of rehabilitation and injury prevention.