There Is More To The Scale

When I first got on the scale last week, it showed a little less than a pound lost. Feeling a bit sad because I have been so good quickly turned to joy when I saw the real results. The beauty of working with the staff at Riverside Weight Loss and Dr. Renee Moss is their scale. The technical name escapes me, but this scale measures how much water, muscle, and fat have been gained or lost. In my case I lost about 1.5 pounds of fat and gain about a pound of muscle. This is all good. Dr. Moss explained to me earlier that gaining muscle is good because it is healthy. It makes us lean looking and tone, Fat is not. However, I will caution that our bodies do need some fat. I have too much which I am working to change.

I walked out of the office happy as a clam and told my husband. He too was happy.

Then I had to approach the upcoming week of cleaning for out-of-town company and preparing for a big party with perspective. Prior to entering this program, I would have just thrown my good diet out the window during a stressful time such as this. But I decided not to. Instead, I worked hard at making myself eat healthy yet easy meals. There was plenty of already cooked chicken to throw into a salad or add to a vegetable side. I stuck with my usual breakfast of two slices of turkey bacon and one egg because that is one of my first chores. And while I did not walk much during that time, I did do a lot of yard work and house cleaning, most of the day in fact. Next week I will know if that worked.