The Week That Was The Beginning

I had been on the diet for a week. As I said in my first
column I want to lose about 20 pounds. I am different from most of the people
who go public with weight loss issues because they tend to want to lose about
80 pounds or more. Trying to lose 20 pounds is as hard, if not harder to lose.

One reason for the difficulty is my diet does not need to
drastically change. I do not eat fried foods for every meal and I do a good job
of getting my fruits and veggies on my plate. I did learn that I consume too
many carbohydrates even in healthy fashion in such thing as whole wheat, bread,
cheese, beans, and yogurt.

My first week was a big adjustment with no toast at
breakfast, no sandwich at lunch and no starch such as pasta or potatoes. I will
say, I enjoy these items, and they do feel the belly easily and cheaply.

I have had to cook the items for my family and not eat them.
There have been times when I did put a soup spoon full on my plate. When I told
that to Katherine Alice, she remarked “but think of how much you would have put
on your plate if you were not this diet.” Good point. It would have been a
heaping serving spoon full.

Then there was the walk. Decreasing my time was important to
me. I was a competitive swimmer in high school, so I know how to race the
clock. I made sure I had my headphones set to upbeat sounds, looked at the
clock in the car and set off. For the entire first week, I completed the walk
in 35 minutes. I was pleased reminding myself that some progress is better than
no progress.

I ended up losing a half of pound of fat and no muscle.
Katherine Alice was pleased. While a half of pound does not sound like a lot,
it is a half of pound of fat. That is what needs to go, no muscle. In addition,
it was my first week so I am still adjusting to the change, still tweaking it.

Overall, she and I were happy with the results. Please join
me next week to see where I have progressed and please let me know you are
following my journey.