Success Finally!

It had been a month since I last weighed in at Dr. Renee Moss’ office at Riverside Surgical and Weight Loss clinic. I felt I had lost some weight, but needed to be sure. The resutls was 5.5 pounds in five weeks. Perfect progress I am happy to say. Many would be discouraged by only a little more than a pound a week, but I know that the way to keep it off is to lose it slowly. There have been times when I lost it quickly only to gain it back in the same about of time. Plus, I still want to live a little. The key has been the thyroid supplements and Vitamin D. Both were low. However, that is just one factor in this journey. I have continued to stick to it. So much so that I now consider it a way of life. I no longer have to talk myself into a salad with lean meat at lunch, i just do it. I have added some variety to lunch. Since I work from home, I can cook. I recently purchased individually wrapped single serving of salmon. In the morning, I will pull one out of the freezer. Then at lunch, it takes just a few minutes to broil in the toaster oven. I add some vegetables, sometimes I cook extra the night before, and I have a delicious lunch. Breakfast has become the same way, a hardboiled egg and turkey bacon is a no brainer. Dinner can be a challenge because of my family. My daughters, ages 10 and nearly 8. plus a husband are naturally thin. They need a carbohydrate at dinner and let’s face it, that is usually the cheapest part of the meal. I have worked around pasta with spaghetti squash. It is still a carb, but a low carb and delicious. My husband does a mix. Yesterday it was grilled chicken, steamed cabbage and biscuits. Just no biscuit for me. When tempted I remember what I learned years ago when trying to lose weight, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. I also remind myself of the pending events and warm weather approaching. Finally, when really tempted, I think back to a time I gave in and then felt guilty. I can say a taste sometimes help. It is easy for me to do so. Some people can’t. So please let me know about your journey, the good, bad and ugly and perhaps we can have the great feeling soon.