Second Opinion: How Do I Make Healthy Meals easier to prepare?

How do I make healthy meals easier to prepare during weeknights?

It’s easy to make enough healthy food to last all week and reduce your weeknight cooking time. Before your weekly shopping trip, make sure you’ve got your meals planned for the week. That’s a crucial step to ensure you choose doable recipes, healthy carbs, lean proteins and plenty of veggies.

1. Pick a healthy carb to prepare. Make enough whole grains like quinoa or chop up enough starchy veggies like sweet potatoes for the week on Sunday. Reconstitute grains with water and season to suit your recipe during the week for quick healthy meals.

2. Pick one or two proteins for dinners and prepare in advance, too. For example, grill enough lean chicken to get through the first few weeknights and reuse in your recipes for the week. Choose easier proteins for Thursday. Think eggs, tempeh or BPA-free canned light tuna or salmon on Thursday for simplicity and variety.

3. Clean and store veggies like leafy greens, carrots, cabbage and green beans on Sunday to last until the weekend.
Enjoy simple masterpieces all week long by planning and prepping in advance.

Caroline Fornshell,

L-Well – Lifestyle Wellness Center