Grinding and Clenching? You Probably Need a Bite Guard

If you are being told you need a bite guard, it is because you have some signs and/or symptoms of grinding or clenching your teeth. Signs are the things the doctor can see that tells him or her there is a problem. Symptoms are the things you are feeling that tell you there is a problem.

The signs that you are grinding or clenching your teeth can include one or more of the following: teeth with wear through the enamel, mobile teeth, recession and bone loss, teeth that are migrating or crowding and popping or crunching sounds from the joint.

The symptoms that you are grinding or clenching include one or more of the following: tension, tenderness or pain in the muscles of the jaw, feeling a pop or crunching in the joints, pain in teeth when biting or chewing, pain in the jaw joint, headaches and pain or fullness in the ear.

A bite guard creates an ideal bite that shuts the muscle activity down. It creates a healthy environment for the joints, protects the teeth and stabilizes bone. It is necessary if you do not want the situation to get worse. If you wait too long, you may have a more expensive and difficult problem to treat.





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Stacey Hall, D.D.S