Pump Up with Pushups


Pushups target the pectoral muscles giving the chest a fuller and more chiseled appearance. Good pushups also engage and build the shoulders and triceps, and when using different variations, can also be used to tighten and strengthen your core.











PLYO: From a standard pushup with core engaged, thrust your body upward at the bottom of the descent to raise your hands off the ground for a higher caloric burn.








SPIDERMAN: Get into a standard pushup position. Engage your core and lower your body straight down until your chest is almost touching the ground. As you lower your body, raise your right knee towards your right elbow, breathing in as you go down and exhaling as you come up. Your head and neck should stay in tight alignment throughout the exercise with your spine. Alternate knees with reps.











DIAMOND: Aimed at hitting the triceps, start from a standard pushup position. Fashion hand in the center of your body in shape of a diamond with your thumbs and pointer fingers touching. Raise and lower your body keeping hands fixed
in position.








ROTATIONAL: Begin in a standard pushup position. Lower your body and when you reach full height, engage your core and rotate onto one hand while the upper arm is straight up in the air and you are in a “T” position. Alternate sides with reps.