Pro Files: L. D’Shawn Wright

Body by D Gym


“I broke up with my fears, got engaged to my dreams and married my goals.”
— L. D’Shawn Wright

My dad was a bodybuilder and his passing two years ago made me realize that time waits for no one. I know that he wanted me to compete at the highest level of bodybuilding and in honor of his legacy I am doing so. I wanted to show people that you can use pain to mold you. You can use it as motivation to get what you want out of life.

“If you want to see what makes a person successful, find what pains them.” – James Brown

The importance of community health is huge, man. One thing Margaret Thatcher said is that you need energy to win. A lot of our problems in society—like self-esteem—can be solved by being healthy. Fitness gives me a platform to talk about issues like self-worth. Fitness teaches discipline and good habits; how you eat, your workout regiment.

Change is hard for people, so if you catch them while they’re young, you can help them to not make the mistakes you made and make the community better. Frederick Douglas said it’s easier to build strong children than fix broken adults.

Advice for changing habits
First of all, you have to write down your goals. Goal setting is a lost art form. Five goals. Four that seem realistic and one that’s out of control. That makes a huge difference. If you see your goals all of the time, you’re likely to change.