New Natural Sedative for Dental Visits

I have a serious fear of the dentist and have had to take prescription drugs to relax me in the past. Is there an alternative form of sedation that doesn’t involve drugs?

I’m so glad you asked! The answer is a resounding YES. Many dentists perform IV or other forms of drug sedation, but there is an easy, calming, drug-free alternative that is so safe that you can even drive home or go back to work right after your appointment!

Think about how you feel as you lie down to go to sleep. Slowly you begin to relax – you can feel gravity pulling you deeper into your bed and pillow. Dentistry can provide you with a new, gentle and all natural form of sedation via a process called NuCalm.

During your next visit to the dentist, you can be in the dental chair receiving treatment, and be so relaxed that your focus will be elsewhere, rather than on any dental procedures taking place. You might even feel like you are at a spa – in a deep place of relaxation.

Instead of being worn out and exhausted from a visit to the dentist, many people actually feel refreshed and relieved after the NuCalm experience. Check with your dental practice to see if they are able to provide this service.

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Lisa Marie Samaha, D.D.S

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