Subtle & Feminine Nail Trends

As temperatures rise and flowers sprout, nail styles for 2014 will reflect the softer side of spring. Bright and bold designs are out and simple colors with subtle designs are all the rage. Check out these trends and ask your nail artist about these new styles.

Soft and Feminine
“As the spring comes around, you’re going to see the styles switch to a more sleek and glamorous look,” says Marcus Quick, owner of Illusions by Marcus in Williamsburg, Va., “Nail trends will be more feminine and soft. Nail art is not going to be as big as in the past.” Pastels, like light pink, blue and purple, will mimic blooming flowers on nails coordinating nicely with floral patterns, lace, knits and tulle netting. They compliment the softer hairstyles that will be popular in this year.

Subtle Designs
Summer Fields from Nail Concepts in Williamsburg, Va., says her clientele is traditional but looking for subtle changes and updates to their usual look. “I love nail art. But we have an older clientele and they like to stick to reds and neutrals,” she says. “But some of them are catching on to designs.”

Over-the-top nail art is out, but designs are still in.
“If someone wants something a little different, I would encourage them to try a little design on their ring finger or maybe a different color,” Fields says. “That way they still get the traditional look, but they also get something a little out of the ordinary. It’s a good way to ease into more adventurous looks.”

Nail trends in 2013 were all about attracting attention, but nails in this year will be cleaner and more classic. Eu Vou of First Nail says his customers are looking for sleek, simple looks. “We’re seeing a lot of people asking for white nails,” Vou says.

White nails are simple and sophisticated, plus they coordinate with many different looks. Women looking to update the white nail look and individualize it might consider adding subtle designs over the white paint; polka dots, crystals, or metallic stripes make white nails unique and bold.