Managing Arthritis

arthritic knee

It seems simple, but diet and exercise are key ways to help alleviate symptoms associated with arthritis and stenosis.

Dr. Daniel Shaye, a chiropractor with Performance Chiropractic, stressed those points during a class offered through Williamsburg Area Learning Tree (WALT) for individuals who’ve been diagnosed with the conditions.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, while stenosis is a spinal disease. Both conditions typically afflict people as they age.

Shaye’s class focused on ways his students can minimize their disability and maximize their ability to be mobile without having to resort to surgery or medication. Though drugs may be helpful in certain cases, some of the side effects can be potentially hazardous.

Instead, Shaye suggested first and foremost to keep hydrated.

“Water is critical,” Shaye says. “Hydration is the first step.”

Shaye also emphasized exercise, and finding that balance between sitting on the couch all day and becoming the ultimate athlete.

“It is going to be different for everybody, but you want to find that happy medium,” Shaye says. “Motion is critical because you want to have strong muscles around your joints. If you want to preserve your body, you need to work on it.”

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can also help. Shaye recommended a diet that is heavily plant- based, adding that turmeric and ginger aid with inflammation.

“I am a big fan of a healthy, balanced diet,” Shaye says.

Shaye also suggested that his students ask their physicians to check their joints routinely to ensure that they are flexible and strong.

“You need to take care of yourselves before the little things become the big things,” he says.

Shaye regularly offers lectures in the community related to issues associated with arthritis and stenosis.

“My goal is to help my patients and those in the community with both their quality and quantity of life,” he says.

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