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Journey To Weight Lose – A Personal Story

Written By  Susan Smigielski Acker

In working on the belly fat story I realized my mistakes. I
have longed for nearly a year to lose 25 pounds that have crept onto my
48-year-old body for the past two years.

My weight has gone up and down the scale for most of my
adult life. I successfully lost the baby weight from my first daughter about 15
months after she was born. My great new body soon resulted in the pregnancy of
my second daughter. Charlotte, 9, was born when I was 38 years old and her
sister, Julia, 7, came when I was 40.  Again,
after about 15 months after our final baby was born I was posing in my skinny

The only thing that is significant for me now is the feeling
I remember doing that. I want that feeling back and I want to keep it.

While interviewing all the doctors involved in the belly fat
story, I nodded my head several time seeing myself in their description of why
people gain weight and have trouble losing it. I learned it not always what
goes in my mouth but other factors.

Stress one that rings true. Two of the doctors, Dr. Renee
Moss and Dr. Klinton Kranski say stress plays a role. Seems the adrenal gland
produces a high level of cortisol which retains weight.

Having two high-energy, smart children can be rewarding at
the same time stressful. Note, we are not one of those families that have their
children in several extra curricular activities. However, making sure they are
successful in school is more than just getting them there on time.

And while I love my profession, it comes with a price –
deadlines. No matter how much I plan ahead, something or someone is sure to
give me stress in at least one article (of about 15) a month.  Added to my husband, the primary bread winner
was laid-off last year. His search for a new job has been rocky.

I can also blame age. Before when I wanted to drop a few pounds,
I just substituted a salad for a sandwich at lunch, cut back a bit on my
portions and walk or swam daily. No problem. Like many things that slow down as
we age, our metabolism is one of them.
Hormones could also be to blame.

However, I refuse to use any of these reasons as an excuse.
I enjoy being a nice size, not model skinny, but not 25 pounds overweight.

For the next several months, I will write about my journey
to weight loss working with Dr. Moss. I will pass along what is working and
what is not. What I have to change about my lifestyle to change my body.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, my struggles and my
success. Please join me with your thoughts and tips. I am determined to not
only to lose my own extra weight, but to help you lose yours.