It’s May, First Communion, Mother’s Day and Graduation Celebrations and Challenges

The month started with out-of-town relatives coming for my daughter, Julia’s first communion. A chance to sweat and prep for their arrival. Not a chance to go off my weight-loss plan. The plan including simple planning such as having cooked chicken strips handy for lunch-time salads and other low-fat options. We offered lunch at our house following the ceremony for 16 people. We had grilled chicken right next to the smoked sausage. I laid out plenty of vegetables and fruit to enjoy. For the carb sides, we had baked beans and pasta salad. Of those last two options, I had one fork full of each.

The next event was Mother’s Day. A chance to live it up right? Well yes, responsibility. When my husband and daughters took me out to lunch at a local place that features mainly burgers, sandwiches and the like, I got a turkey wrap, gave the french fries to my daughters and did not look back.

The result is a pound lost in one week. I am pleased because I have also increased my walking. Every other day I try for three miles instead of my usual two miles. On a couple of days, in addition to walking, I rode my bike to the store for the few items we needed. It was not only fun, it  helps the environment and helped my stress level.

The next event will be the college graduation of my niece/god-daughter from George Mason University in Fairfax. Since our daughters have never been to Washington D.C., we are making a weekend of it. My niece already told me she picked a Mexican restaurant to have her graduation lunch. I plan on the maybe fajita, minus the high-carb tortillas that come with it. I plan to watch my margarita intake. I also plan that while staying at the hotel that offers a free breakfast buffet to stick with the high-protein low-fat choices, perhaps a vegetable omelet and a little low-fat meat option. Lunch is going to be on the go, but when choosing it, I will first picture myself on the scale at Dr. Renee Moss’ office. It will be one or more pound less. This will be added by the walking in D.C. and a swim at the in-door pool at the hotel in the evening. Wish me luck. I will let you know next week.