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I gained a pound

Nothing will send a person trying to lose weight into a frenzy than gaining weight, even a pound. I did it to myself by getting cocky. I lost a little more than five pounds, totoaling seven pounds over the past few months. I got the blood tests that showed my thyroid was slow and Vitamin D was low and received supplements. Then I ate a french fry or two here and there, had some candy. I never went overboard and pigged out, but I did something nearly everyday that was not on the plan. I did exercise, but not enough to offset what I ate. So now I have recommitted myself. I am adding more to my walk and putting less on my plate. I am also trying on a pair of pants that are the size I feel the most comfortable in, nearly everyday. Looking at myself in the mirror show progress but the reality is in the clothes and on the scalre. Wish me luck. And please let me know what is working for you.