How Do You Like your Java Now?

With my latest health kick, I’ve deemed coffee to be a treat more than a staple in my diet. After a couple of days of withdrawals composed of migraines that surpassed pharmaceutical capabilities, it’s been working out well—and I’m feeling great.

When I make the exception, my cup of java is spectacular. After all, if I’m going to break the rules, it’d better be worth it! So (drumroll please!) I’d like to introduce you to caffé tonic. It’s finally been brought to my attention that tonic isn’t just for gin. It’s the superlative partner of espresso. 

It sounds complicated. It’s not; pour a long shot of espresso over tonic water on ice. You’ll have the most angelically frothy, sweet, creamy, yet slightly tangy concoction that your mouth has ever experienced. And like any true coffee aficionado, you’ll be posting selfies with this more than worthy cup of joe using the hashtag #wherehaveyoubeenallmylife.


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Kimberley Cuachon Haugh

Kimberley Cuachon Haugh has a passion for fashion and food, "Look good. Eat well," is her philosophy. She is the owner of Kimberley Ashlee Catering where she uses seasonal and sustainable ingredients for her clients in Hampton Roads and Pittsburgh. Find her: | Follow her: @bookkacatering &