Holiday Life Hacks You Shouldn’t Live Without

Holiday food hacks

  • Freeze chipped cream on a baking sheet and cut out shapes wih cookie cutters for more festive hot chocolate
  • Load icing into condiment bottles for easy, less messy cookie decorating
  • When you’ve sampled a few too many cookies and need to unbutton your pants, keep them from falling down by ooping a rubber band through the hole and wrapping it around the button

Holiday magic for the kids

  • After the kids go to sleep, sprinkle powdered sugar around shoes to create “Santa footprints” for them to wake up to
  • For quick “reindeer food,” stir some glitter into a handful of quick oats, then sprinkle on your porch or walkway

Simplifying decorating

  • Remove tree sap from your hands with toothpaste
  • Recycle egg cartons into containers to store your small ornaments
  • Wrap strands of lights around a clothes hanger to avoid tangles

Gift wrapping made easy

  • Cut empty toilet paper rolls, then use them to keep wrapping paper tubes from unrolling
  • When wrapping gifts, use a paper clip to mark the end of your tape