Herb-N-Garden: Viva Cilantro!

Viva Cilantro

Cilantro-Lime Salsa
A quick and easy crowd pleaser, this cilantro-lime salsa wont last long next to the chips at any party.
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  1. 1 bunch fresh cilantro
  2. 6 hothouse style tomatoes
  3. 1/3 red onion, roughly chopped
  4. 1 jalapeno, serrano or hot pepper of choice
  5. 3 garlic cloves
  6. 1 lime
  7. salt and cayenne peppr to taste
  1. Roughly chop the tomatoes
  2. Add tomatoes, onion, cilantro and garlic to a food processor or blender
  3. Pulse 3-5 times
  4. Add salt, cayenne, hot pepper and lime juice
  5. blend until desired consistency and serve with your favorite tortilla chips
  1. For a chunkier salsa, do a few quick pulses.
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