Healthy Holiday Recipe Redos

Flour: Buckwheat for All-Purpose

Swap in buckwheat flour for all-purpose flour. The result is higher fiber, fewer calories from carbohydrates and a little more protein. It’s a good alternative for those looking to enjoy a gluten-free variety of this holiday recipe essential.

Butternut Squash for Sweet Potatoes

Try mashed or cubed butternut squash instead of your standard sweet potato. The less-is-more rule applies here because butternut squash has a naturally rich, buttery flavor, which means you don’t need to add much butter or sugar. The real kicker? Cup for cup, compared to sweet potato, butternut naturally contains half the calories, sugar and carbohydrates.

Cauliflower for Potatoes

Substitute steamed and mashed (or pureed for creamier texture) cauliflower for half of the potatoes in the recipe. You’ll save on the carbs while reaping the health benefits of cancer-fighting cauliflower. The taste verdict? You can hardly tell the difference.

Stand-Alone Veggies

A common flaw in the kitchen is overboiling veggies. This reduces their nutritional value substantially. Instead of boiling your veggies this year, steam them. Place enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and heat them for four to five minutes. Your end result will be crisper, tastier vegetables packed with the nutrients you bought them for.

Healthy Mac and Cheese

Use whole-wheat pasta instead of refined white pasta to boost fiber. Replace some of the regular full-fat cheese with low-fat cottage cheese and whole milk with low-fat milk to cut fat by two-thirds. You can also add spinach for extra nutrients and flavor! A super-healthy alternative would be to use spaghetti squash instead of pasta to cut down big time on calories and carbs. The main difference is found in the texture, which is more similar to cheesy hash browns than pasta. Overall, it definitely satisfies that cheese craving!