Fearing The Scale

I have not weighed myself at Dr. Renee Moss’ office in about two weeks. I am afraid of the scale. I feel as if I have lost some weight, but I am not sure. I had out-of-town company recentlyand we had a great time seeing the area, eating out and celebrating. Maybe too good of a time. I am very weary. Usually, when I worry about the scale and finally step on it, it is good news. So I keep telling myself that. I have been following the plan, exercising since the weekend of partying so it won’t be that bad. I am really trying to lose 7 pounds by May 6. It will be a special occaision for our family. My daughter, Julia, 8, will be making her first communion. I know the cameras will be snapping and people will want me to pose with Julia. I am hope I can do it. I plan to walk more, eat better and have just one glass of wine a night instead of my usual two glasses. Wish me luck and please let me know how your weight loss is going. It will be summer before you know it.