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Exploring Friendships

Written By Brandy Centolanza


My son began this school year disappointed and uncertain after he found out none of his close friends were in the same class, including his best friend. While I feel his plight, I assured him that this would be a great opportunity to make new friends. Each school year enables children to start anew, allowing them to discover what kind of friends they want to have and what kind of friends they want to be. Obviously, I hope my children are generous, caring, considerate, and sympathetic and follow the Golden Rule when it comes to their friendships with those on the school bus, in class, and on the playground. Having a discussion about friendships with my children has also allowed for me to examine what kind of friend I am and what kind of friend I’d like to be. I’m loyal, kind, thoughtful, responsible and reliable. I always return phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook messages and I’m never late for anything. But, I do have my flaws. I tend to be a little opinionated and judgmental (For those who really know me, shocking, I know), and, okay, maybe sometimes I am a little gossipy (but in my defense, I am a journalist, so being nosey and following up on rumors comes with the territory). I think acknowledging these faults also makes me honest and human. I know, though, I can always improve and be a better friend, so I am challenging myself this school year as well. While it isn’t as easy for me as an adult now to make new friends, since I can’t just strike up a conversation with someone in the lunch line or by the swings and slides, I hope to make a new friend or two along with my children as well, or perhaps rekindle old friendships. See, I want to actually be the type of friend and I want to show my children that I can be the type of friend I am telling them they should be each day when they are in school.